Iraq PM Abadi defends Iran-backed militias as Tillerson visits Baghdad...
france24.com24/10/2017 Politics
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi defended the role of an Iranian-backed paramilitary force at a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson...»»»

Qatar-Gulf rift: The Iran factor ...
aljazeera.com06/06/2017 Politics
Saudi-led severance of diplomatic ties with Qatar tests unity among GCC members as leaders call for dialogue. Middle East analyst says if the Gulf cri...»»»

Iran-backed Iraqi force says takes Islamic State villages near Syria ...
reuters.com30/05/2017 Military
By Maher Chmaytelli | BAGHDAD BAGHDAD An Iraqi Shi'ite force backed by Iran said it pushed Islamic State out of several villages on the border with S...»»»

US jets attack Iran-backed militiamen in south-eastern Syria...
theguardian.com19/05/2017 Military
Airstrikes mark first clash between US and Tehran-backed forces since US military returned to region, as battle lines shift in Syria and Iraq *** The...»»»

Hiding US Role in Yemen Slaughter So Bombing Can Be Sold as ‘Self-Defe...
fair.org18/10/2016 Military
By Adam Johnson To hear US corporate media tell it, the US was dragged into a brand new war on Wednesday. *** Yemen's children on the brink as count...»»»

Standoff With Iran Inflames Anti-Shiite Feelings in Saudi Arabia ...
wsj.com01/09/2016 Politics
Hostility to the minority group, which is targeted by Islamic State militants, is openly visible in the Sunni-led kingdom *** Protesters in Tehran st...»»»

Soleimani says Iran’s efforts spared Lebanon ... Military
*** Iranian General Kassem Suleimani in Talet al Eis south of Aleppo, Wednesday, April 6, 2016. (The Daily Star/Pro Government Twitter account ) The D...»»»

Iran ready to provide 'air support' in Syria... Military
Iran's air defence commander has said Iran is prepared to provide the Syrian government with "aerial advisory assistance", a day after Saudi Arabia de...»»»

Iraq summons Saudi envoy Thamer al-Sabhan over 'innacurate' comments o...
firstpost.com25/01/2016 Politics
Baghdad: Iraq summoned the new Saudi ambassador on Sunday after he suggested Iranian-backed Shite militias were exacerbating sectarian tensions and sh...»»»

Iran central bank takes Beirut bombing case to U.S. Supreme Court - SW...
swissinfo.ch14/01/2016 Economy
Jan 13, 2016 - 07:29 By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Republican-led Congress and President Barack Obama's administration, often at odds...»»»