Persian calligraphy takes flight - The Washington Post...
washingtonpost.com03/10/2014 Arts
By Vanessa H. Larson October 3 at 12:45 PM In the late 14th century, Mir Ali Tabrizi, a calligrapher in the royal workshop in Tabriz — a city then ru...»»»

Coins of Erivan (Yerevan) minted under Persian rule - PanARMENIAN.Net...
panarmenian.net18/10/2013 News
Coins of Erivan (Yerevan) minted under Persian rule As a result of struggle between Akkoyunlu and Karakoyunlu tribes, some territories of the region...»»»

Ottoman Victory At The Battle Of Torches...
1host2u.ir11/05/1853 History
The Battle of Torches was fought continuously between 8th & 11th of May, 1583, between the Ottoman and Safavid armies. The name of the battle refers t...»»»