Resignation of Jamshid Amouzegar as PM ...
1host2u.com28/08/1978 History
Jamshid Amouzegar (Persian: جمشید آموزگار‎‎; 25 June 1923 – 27 September 2016) was an Iranian economist and politician who was prime minister of Iran ...»»»

Iranian President Of UN General Assembly...
1host2u.com01/01/1950 History
(Wikipedia) - Nasrollah Entezam was an Iranian diplomat who held the position of the President of the United Nations General Assembly during the fifth...»»»

Foundation Of The Senate House...
1host2u.com09/05/1948 History
The cabinet of Dr. Hakimi presented the bill for formation of the Senate to Majlis on May, 9, 1948. The idea of such a legislative entity first surfac...»»»