The Battle Of Nahavand...
1host2u.ir20/02/641 History
Following the decisive defeat at the Battle of Qadesiya, the Sassanid Empire began disintegrating. Yazdgerd 3 somehow succeeded in gathering an army. ...»»»

Pezeshk Ahmadi Murderer of Sardar Asad & Farroki Yazdi Executed ...
en.mehrnews.com20/02/1944 History
Ahmad Ahmadi was found guilty for numerous murders by the court and was sentenced to death. He was executed in public in 1944 in Tehran's Toopkhāneh S...»»»

Seventh Parliament Elections...
1host2u.ir20/02/2004 History
The seventh parliament elections took place in an atmosphere of mistrust caused by many reformist candidates' disqualification from entering the elect...»»»

Shahram Jazayeri Escapes The Prison...
1host2u.ir20/02/2007 History
Shahram Jazayeri, a high profile prisoner whose name was associated with financial corruption and bribing of top officials escaped while being taken f...»»»

Ashtiani Stoning: German Journalists Freed...
1host2u.ir20/02/2011 History
(AFP) - Two journalists who were detained by Iran last year have arrived back in Germany after being freed. Marcus Hellwig and Jens Koch, from German...»»»

Saving dying Urmia Lake now a priority for Iran ... Nature
THE first cabinet decision made under Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, wasn't about how to resolve his country's nuclear dispute with world power...»»»

World powers and Iran make 'good start' towards nuclear accord| Reuter...
uk.reuters.com20/02/2014 News
(Reuters) - Six world powers and Iran made a "good start" in talks in Vienna towards reaching a final settlement in the decade-old stand-off over Tehr...»»»