Nader Shah Enters Delhi...
1host2u.ir20/03/1739 History
Mohammad Gurkani gave battle to Nader with an army of 360,000 in a field 120 km from Delhi. However, an army of soft Indians were little able to oppos...»»»

Nationalization Of Oil Day...
1host2u.ir20/03/1951 History
The Nationalization of Oil which passed as a law at the Iranian Parliament on March, 15, 1951 was later ratified by the Iranian Senate on March, 20, 1...»»»

National Iranian Television Inaugurated...
1host2u.ir20/03/1967 History
The first Television transmitter was installed in Tehran on Oct, 25, 1958 and the date is known as the day TV broadcasts started. The Iranian TV was a...»»»

Iran Bank to Market Energy Fund to Foreign Investors, CEO Says ...
bloomberg.com20/03/2014 Economy
By Golnar Motevalli Mar 20, 2014 An Iranian bank plans to target foreigners with the first fund dedicated to investing in the country’s oil and gas in...»»»

Second Round of Iran Nuclear Talks Ends With Optimism ...
nytimes.com20/03/2014 Politics
By ALISSA J. RUBINMARCH 19, 2014 VIENNA — The second round of talks between Iran and six world powers over Iran’s nuclear program ended Wednesday wit...»»»

Russia warns it may change stance on nuclear Iran ...
cnbc.com20/03/2014 Politics
A senior Russian diplomat says Moscow may change its stance in the Iranian nuclear talks amid tensions with the West. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei...»»»

Shiraz! Persian Paradise ... Cuisine
By PETER KERR The West Australian March 20, 2014 For those not familiar with Persian cuisine, it's hard to exaggerate the central role that spices, n...»»»