Manouchehr 2. Becomes Shervan King...
1host2u.ir30/03/1120 History
After his father Fereydoun was killed in a battle with Georgians, Manouchehr 2 becomes new king of the Shirvan region on March, 30, 1120. Shirvan or S...»»»

Telegraph Line Connects India-Europe...
1host2u.ir30/03/1902 History
Iran and Britain agreed on the terms of a contract that connected India to Europe by Telegraph lines. Drown into royal corruption, Iran had become tot...»»»

Russians Bombard Imam Reza's Shrine...
1host2u.ir30/03/1912 History
The Russian occupation forces attacked the shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad which is considered the holiest place in Iran according to Shiite Muslims. D...»»»

Separatist Kumeleh Leaders Executed...
1host2u.ir30/03/1947 History
Gazi Mohammad, the leader of the Kumeleh party who had secured support from Soviet Unions declared independence in the city of Mahabad on Jan, 22, 194...»»»

Iranian Americans unite, share culture for New Year celebration ...
latimes.com30/03/2014 Culture
Iranian New Year, Nowruz, celebrates spring and nature's rebirth, bringing L.A.'s Persian community together to share its tradition. By Saba Hamedy...»»»

UN recognition of Nowruz promises new possibilities ...
presstv.ir30/03/2014 Culture
New spirits in UN recognition of Nowruz By Daniel Johnson I come from the North East of England, a region famous for its heavy industry, ..., teenage...»»»

Australia\s Villawood refuses Persian New Year’s festivities ... Military
Saturday, March 29, 2014 By Vanessa Powell Staff at Villawood detention centre denied Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers the right to celebrate Persia...»»»