The Gold Rush Of Naseroddin Shah...
1host2u.ir07/05/1881 History
While Iran was being driven into its most miserable days, the ring of local and foreign spies at Naseroddin Shah's court were doing their best to keep...»»»

Morgan Shuster Comes To Iran...
1host2u.ir07/05/1911 History
After the French counselor Bizot was dismissed, American Morgan Shuster arrived in Tehran on May, 12, 1911. Iran had entered the 20th century official...»»»

The village that slept: Iran's historic Kharanagh left almost deserted...
theguardian.com07/05/2014 History
In Yazd, a city in central Iran, my uncle has gifted me his company’s driver - the jolly, talkative Mr Salimi. But Mr Salimi isn’t just a driver. He’s...»»»

Pakistan, Iran agree to set up hotline ... News
Shakeel Anjum Wednesday, May 07, 2014 ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Tuesday said Pakistan and Iran had agreed to establ...»»»

Parallel vs. Persian structure within the Turkish state ...
todayszaman.com07/05/2014 Politics
by Ömer Yavuz The list of individuals that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared to be part of an alleged “parallel structure” keeps growin...»»»

Iranian celebrities join football team in Brazil ...
features.kodoom.com07/05/2014 Sports
Persian News Engine, A $1.5 million project called "12th Player" is launched by Iran's film industry to have a select group of actors, act...»»»

Zarif: Humanitarian issues should not be politicized in Syria ...
irna.com07/05/2014 Politics
Tehran, May 7, IRNA – No side in the Syrian crisis should politicize humanitarian issues and Iran is ready for cooperation with the International Red...»»»