Sukhumi Taken Back From Roman Occupation...
1host2u.ir23/09/542 History
During the second round of the Persian-Roman wars that started in 359 A.D., the Iranian army took back the port city of Sukhumi from the occupiers, th...»»»

Abadan Institute Of Technology Founded...
1host2u.ir23/09/1939 History
Abadan Institute Of Technology (AIOT) was the third of it's kind in the world, founded for education and training of technical staff required to opera...»»»

Iran Strikes Iraq Back...
1host2u.ir23/09/1980 History
Iraq staged a surprise attack on Iran Air Force bases on Sep, 22, 1980. Their plan was to destroy Iranian Air Force power, a tactic Israel used in 196...»»»

Open war as Iraq bombs Iran: 23 September 1980 | World news | The Gua...
theguardian.com23/09/1980 Military
23 September 1980: Open war as Iraq bombs Iran Warning over West’s oil supply line as Iraqi and Iranian jets target airfields and refineries in escala...»»»

President Says US Behind 9/11 Plot...
1host2u.ir23/09/2010 History
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the United Nations on Sep, 23, 2010 most people believe the U.S. government was responsible for the 9/11 at...»»»

Rowhani demands West accept Iran right to enrich uranium - Region - Wo... News
President Hassan Rowhani demanded Sunday that Western governments recognise Iran's right to enrich uranium in any nuclear deal, ahead of his departure...»»»

Iran's President Dangles a Diplomatic Gift to Obama - Businessweek...
businessweek.com23/09/2013 News
By Romesh Ratnesar For the last two weeks, the political class has been near-unanimous in declaring Barack Obama’s foreign policy a failure. The pres...»»»