Battle Of Cunaxa...
1host2u.ir05/10/401BC History
Cyrus the Younger decided to revolt against his brother Artaxerxes 2 Mnemon. Cyrus was Satrap of Lydia, Cappadocia and Phrygia and chief commander of ...»»»

Syria Taken Back From Romans...
1host2u.ir05/10/579 History
In a fierce battle between the Persian and Roman army, Iranians take back Syria causing a heavy toll on the Roman army. On Oct, 6 the count was comple...»»»

Kuwait Rejects Ayatollah Khomeini...
1host2u.ir05/10/1978 History
After 13 years of exile in Iraq, Ayatollah Khomeini's house in Najaf was besieged by the Iraqi police and he was deported from Iraq on Sep, 4, 1978. ...»»»

Western oil firms warm up to Iran...
thepeninsulaqatar.com05/10/2013 News
LONDON: The tempting taboo of Iran’s oil and gas riches has moved a step nearer for Western oil companies, lining up to woo Tehran if sanctions finall...»»»

Food Bites: Sabrina Ghayour's Persian Supper Club (From Your Local Gua... News
By Leyla Kazim, food writer Sabrina Ghayour prepared delicious Persian cuisine at her kitchen supper club Sabrina Ghayour prepared delicious Persian c...»»»

Panel at Cyrus Cylinder Exhibit Debates King’s Zoroastrian Roots...
indiawest.com05/10/2013 News
By Sunita Sohrabji, Staff Reporter SAN FRANCISCO, United States Three eminent Iranian scholars debated the possible Zoroastrian roots of Persian King...»»»

Turkey will pay for harboring ‘terrorists’ – Assad — RT News...
rt.com05/10/2013 News
Syrian President Bashar Assad said that Turkey will pay a “heavy price” for harboring and backing “terrorists” in order to oust him, warning that soon...»»»