Ashura: The Battle Of Karbala...
1host2u.com10/10/680 History
Imam Hossein was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. He acknowledged Moawiyeh as the Caliph but refused to accept Yazid as his successor. He thus to...»»»

European companies likely to be losers in US-Iran rapprochement — RT O...
rt.com10/10/2013 News
If the sanctions against Iran are lifted, the Iranians will look mainly towards American firms in the oil and automobile sector to fill the gap, Georg...»»»

Senate Intel Chair Pushes Back Against Opponents Of Diplomacy With Ira...
thinkprogress.org10/10/2013 News
The chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee has come out against her colleagues who stand opposed to negotiations with Iran over its nuclear progra...»»»

Persian Rug Galleries in Nashua NH Offers Reasons to Appraise Oriental...
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Area Rug Store in Nashua, NH When you're looking for something to tie your room together, consider a beautiful new area rug from Persian Rug Gallery....»»»

A small pocket of conservation in Iran | Conservation | The Earth Time...
earthtimes.org10/10/2013 News
By JW Dowey The Persian leopard is the largest sub-species, known as Panthera pardus ciscaucasica, having to survive the chilling heights of the Cauca...»»»

Persian Gulf States to Prevent Gays From Entering Countries with a Med...
passportmagazine.com10/10/2013 News
A medical test that is being developed by Kuwait to detect gays will be used to prevent homosexuals from entering member countries of the Persian Gulf...»»»

The Iranian Feast: an evening of Persian food and song | This is North... News
PART thriller, part cookery lesson, The Iranian Feast is a story of a family working out how life will be in the future. It focuses on Abbas, a lovin...»»»