Foundation Of Ghaznavi Dynasty...
1host2u.ir15/11/988 History
Saboktakin, a leader from Ghaz tribal Turks seized Kabul hence founding the Ghaznavi dynasty who ruled mostly in eastern Iran. The most famous ruler o...»»»

Majlis Second Term Begins...
1host2u.ir15/11/1909 History
Parliamentary elections were held for the second time in Persia in 1909. The Social Democratic Party won 48% of the seats, whilst the Democratic Party...»»»

Moving The Capital To Isfahan: Shah Undecided...
1host2u.ir15/11/1915 History
On Nov, 15, the ministry of foreign affairs informed all consulates that Iran has decided to move the capital to Isfahan because Russian armies were a...»»»

Iran Offers Oil Concessions To The U.S....
1host2u.ir15/11/1943 History
During the WWII, Iranians tried their best to use the U.S. as a third option against U.K. and U.S.S.R. Early in February 1943, Iranian officials in W...»»»

Persian artifact serves as enduring symbol for tolerance USC News...
news.usc.edu15/11/2013 History
The USC Center on Public Diplomacy is leading a public conversation on the role of cultural artifacts and museums as springboards of international dia...»»»

UN Ambassador Power: Iran talks need more time - Yahoo News... Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations says the Obama administration needs more time, without new sanctions, to pursue a deal wit...»»»

Iran 3-Thailand 0 Coaches’ reactions after Iran victory over Thailand...
persianfootball.com15/11/2013 Sports – BANGKOK, Following Iran’s comfortable 3-0 Asian Cup qualifying win over Thailand in Bangkok, both coaches shared their view on t...»»»