Alparslan Killed...
1host2u.ir25/11/1072 History
When Alparslan, the Great Sultan of the Seljuk dynasty decided to march towards Turkestan, a Kharazmian governor named Yusuf defended a fortress by th...»»»

Bayat Presents Cabinet...
1host2u.ir25/11/1944 History
Morteza Gholi Bayat was an Iranian political figure who was very active during the Constitutional Monarchy Movement. He continuously became parliament...»»»

Majlis Rejects AIOC Agreement...
1host2u.ir25/11/1950 History
Majlis unanimously rejected the Supplemental Agreement by AIOC as inadequate on Nov, 25, 1950. AIOC was a symbol of western imperialism and political ...»»»

Questioning Supreme Leader Leads To Protests...
1host2u.ir25/11/1997 History
Following reports that he had questioned the suitability of the supreme leader, protesters in many cities expressed their allegiance to Ayatollah Kham...»»»

Timeline of Key Events in U.S.-Iran Negotiations | NBC Bay Area...
nbcbayarea.com25/11/2013 History
The deal marks the most significant accord between Washington and Tehran in more than a quarter-century Key dates in the Obama administration's conta...»»»

The Iran nuclear deal: full text -
edition.cnn.com25/11/2013 History
(CNN) -- The following is the full text of the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers: Joint Plan of Action Preamble The goal for these neg...»»»

Auto to Oil Shipping Companies Poised to Profit From Iran Accord...
businessweek.com25/11/2013 Economy
By Indira A.R. Lakshmanan November 24, 2013 French automakers PSA Peugeot Citroën (UG) and Renault SA (RNO) and companies that transport Iranian oil a...»»»