Negareh: Safavid Nakhjevan Ottoman Victory.jpg...
1host2u.ir01/01/2012 Media
A miniature painting shows Ottoman Victory over Safavid ruler and capturing of Nakhjevan Sultan Suleyman forces. Caucasia was the scene of endless war...»»»

Peace Treaty Signed With Ottoman Empire...
1host2u.ir29/03/1555 History
After long years of wars that devastated both countries, the Ottoman and the Safavi Empires signed a peace treaty on May, 29, 1555 that brought peace ...»»»

Ottomans Capture Baghdad...
1host2u.ir25/12/1638 History
Baghdad, once the capital of Arab Abbasi Caliphate, was one of the most important cities of the Muslim World. In the second half of the Medieval age, ...»»»