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Accelerator Definition

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Accelerator may refer to:

  • 1 In science and technology
    • 1.1 In computing
    • 1.2 In physics and chemistry
    • 1.3 Firearms
    • 1.4 Other technologies
  • 2 In entertainment
  • 3 Other uses
In science and technology In computing
  • Download accelerator, or download manager, software dedicated to downloading
  • Hardware acceleration, the use of dedicated hardware to perform functions faster than a CPU
    • Graphics processing unit or graphics accelerator, a dedicated graphics rendering device
      • Accelerator (library), a library that allows programs to be written for the graphics processing unit
    • Cryptographic accelerator, performs decrypting/encrypting
  • Web accelerator, a proxy server that speeds web site access
  • Accelerator (Internet Explorer), a form of selection-based search
  • Accelerator table, specifies keyboard shortcuts for commands
  • Apple II accelerators, hardware devices design to speed up an Apple II computer
  • PHP accelerator, speeds up software applications written in the PHP programming language
  • SAP BI Accelerator, speeds up online analytical processing queries
  • SSL accelerator, offloads public key encryption algorithms to a hardware accelerator
  • TCP accelerator, or TCP Offload Engine, offloads processing of the TCP/IP stack to the network controller
  • Accelerator (software), collection of development solutions for LANSA and .NET
  • Keyboard shortcut, a set of key presses that invoke a software or operating system operation
In physics and chemistry
  • Accelerator (chemistry), a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction
  • Araldite accelerator 062, or Dimethylbenzylamine, an organic compound
  • Cement accelerator, an admixture that speeds the cure time of concrete
  • Particle accelerator, a device which uses electric and/or magnetic fields to propel charged particles to high speeds
    • Accelerator-driven system (ADS), a nuclear reactor coupled to a particle accelerator
    • Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS), a form of mass spectrometry
  • Tanning accelerator, chemicals that increase the effect of ultraviolet radiation on human skin
  • Vulcanizing accelerators, chemical agents to speed the vulcanization of rubber
  • .22 Accelerator or Remington Accelerator, a type of .224 caliber bullet
  • Electricothermal accelerator, a weapon that uses a plasma discharge to accelerate its projectile
  • Magnetic accelerator gun, a weapon that converts magnetic energy into kinetic energy for a projectile
  • Ram accelerator, a device for accelerating projectiles using ramjet or scramjet combustion
  • Produce accelerators, cannons which use air pressure or combustion to launch large projectiles at low speed
Other technologies
  • Accelerator, gas pedal or throttle, a foot pedal that controls the engine speed of an automobile
  • Accelerator Coaster, a roller coaster that uses hydraulic acceleration
  • G-Force Accelerator, a ride at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center
In entertainment
  • The Accelerators, US rock band
  • Accelerator (Bjørn Lynne album), a 2001 progressive-rock album
  • Accelerator (Royal Trux album), their seventh studio album, released in 1998
  • Accelerator (The Future Sound of London album), their debut album
  • "Accelerator" (single), a 1993 single by Gumball (band)
  • "Accelerator", a song by band The O.A.O.T.''s, on their album Typical
  • "Accelerator", a song by the band Primal Scream from their album XTRMNTR
  • XLR8R (pronounced "accelerator"), a magazine and website that covers music, culture, style, and technology
  • Accelerator (To Aru Majutsu No Index), one of the main characters in the anime series Toaru Majutsu no Index
  • Accelerator (Universal Studios Singapore), a whirling twirling ride that spins guests around
  • PC Accelerator, a personal computer game magazine
Other uses
  • Seed- or Startup-Accelerator, an organization that offers advice and resources to help small businesses grow
  • Accelerator effect, economic stimulus to private fixed investment due to growth in aggregate demand
  • Saskatoon Accelerators, a professional soccer team based in Saskatoon, Canada
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