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(Wikipedia) - Administration   (Redirected from Administrative) For Wikipedia''s administration, see Wikipedia:Administration. For Administrators on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Administrators.
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Administration may refer to:

  • Administration (British football), reorganisation of a British football club''s financial affairs that occurs when the club cannot pay its debts
  • Administration (law), whereby an insolvent company can continue trading under supervision
  • Administration (probate law), administration of an estate on death
  • Central administration, the highest administrative department of an organization
  • Drug administration, delivery of a drug into the body
  • Management, the act of directing people towards accomplishing a goal
    • Academic administration, a branch of an academic institution responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the institution
    • Military administration, the techniques and systems used by military services involved in the management of the armed forces
    • Public administration, advancement and implementation of government policy, or the management of public programs
    • Business administration, the performance or management of business operations
    • Administration (government), management in or of government
  • Network administration, maintenance and configuration of a computer network
  • System administration, the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems

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