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Afghan Definition

(Wikipedia) - Afghan For the historical ethnic group, see Afghan (ethnonym). For other uses of the term, see Afghan (disambiguation).

Afghan (Persian: افغان; see etymology) refers to something from Afghanistan, particularly a citizen of that country. Prior to this definition, it was used by Persian speakers and those influenced by the Persian language to denote the Pashtun people. In modern times, "Afghan" is still used as an ethnic term for the Pashtuns, but it has also become the national demonym for all citizens of Afghanistan.

According to Encyclopædia Iranica, the word Afghan (afḡān) in current political usage means any citizen of Afghanistan, whatever their tribal, or religious affiliation. According to the 1964 Constitution of Afghanistan, all Afghans are equal in rights and obligations before the law. The fourth article of the current Constitution of Afghanistan states that citizens of Afghanistan consist of Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazara, Uzbek, Turkmen, Aymaq, Arab, Baluch, Pashayi, Nuristani, Qezelbash, Gujjars, Brahui, and members of other tribes.

As an adjective, the word Afghan also means "of or relating to Afghanistan or its people, language, or culture".

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The term "Afghani" refers to the unit of Afghan currency. It is often improperly used for a person or thing related to Afghanistan. The incorrect use of the term may have originated during the Soviet war in Afghanistan when millions of Afghans took refuge in neighboring Pakistan and Iran.

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