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Alavi Definition

Alavi is a sect of Shia faith. (Wikipedia) - Alawi (disambiguation)   (Redirected from Alavi)
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Alawi/Alawite/Alavis/Alavids/Alevis (Arabic: علوي‎) may refer to:

  • Alawi (sheikhdom), a historic principality in Yemen
  • Alawite State, a French mandate territory in the coastal area of present-day Syria
  • Alavi, Iran (disambiguation), places in Iran
  • Alavids, Zaydi Alid dynasty of the Tabaristan, Daylam and Gilan
  • Alawites, a prominent religious Shia minority sect in Syria, also known as Nusayris or Arab Alawites
  • Alevis, a religious community in Turkey
    • Bektashiyyah Tariqa, a religious community in Turkey, Balkans and Albania
    • Qizilbash, a religious community in Turkey
  • Alavi Bohra, an Tayyibi–Mustaali–Ismāʿīlī Madh''hab in India and Pakistan
  • Alaouite dynasty, the name of the current royal family of Morocco
  • Ba ''Alawi sada, a family and social group in Yemen and descendants of Imam Ahmad al-Muhajir
  • Ba ''Alawi tariqa, a Sufi brotherhood in Yemen, also known as "Tariqa Alawiyya"
  • Chinarism, an anti-religious group in Turkey, also known as Ishik Alawis
  • Alawi (name), a surname and given name
  • Alavi (surname), a surname for descendants of Ali, especially in South Asia
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