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Updated:Wednesday 12th March 2008

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- General Allahverdi Khan (c. 1560- June 3, 1613) was an Iranian general and statesman of Georgian origin in the Safavid Empire.Allahverdi was born a Christian Georgian who was taken prisoner in the course of one of the Caucasian campaigns of Shah Abbas I. He converted to Islam and was trained for service in Safavid military.In 1589, he participated in assassination of the powerful minister Morshed-gholi Khan Ostaglu, who was secretly condemned to death by Shah Abbas. He then rapidly rose to higher offices and in 1596, Shah Abbas appointed him the governor of Fars.Allahverdi Khan constructed the famous 33Pol or the 33 arch bridge in Isfahan.In 1597, he became governor of Kohkiluyeh. In August 1598, Allahverdi Khan commanded an army recovering Herat from the Uzbeks. He then led the Persian armies in a number of successful campaigns on both the eastern and the western frontiers of the Safavid Empire, including the 1601-1602 conquest of Bahrain.

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