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The term alpine refers to the Alps, a European mountain range.

Alpine may also refer to:

ContentsGeography and geology
  • Alpine tundra, the biological community that occurs above the tree line at high altitude
  • Alpine climate, the climate above the tree line at high altitude
  • Climate of the Alps, the specific climate in the Alps mountain range
  • Alpine orogeny, geologic event leading to the formation of mountain ranges
  • Alpine race, a human racial class
  • Alpine (goat), breed of domestic goat
  • Alpine plant, plants that grow at high elevations
  • Alpine Fir, or Abies lasiocarpa, also known as "Subalpine Fir"
  • Alpine butterfly, or Erebia of the Satyrini, common in the Rocky Mountains of North American
  • Alpine butterfly, or Parnassius in Eurasia
  • Alpine skiing
  • Alpine snowboarding
  • Alpine style climbing
Places Australia
  • Alpine National Park
  • Alpine, New South Wales
  • Alpine Valleys, Victoria, an Australian wine region located in the north eastern section of Victoria
Canada United States Cars and car-related
  • Alpine (automobile), a French manufacturer of cars
  • Chrysler Alpine, the compact car Simca 1307 in the United Kingdom
  • Sunbeam Alpine, a sports car
  • Alpine Electronics, a manufacturer of car audio and navigation systems
  • Alpine Rally, a rally competition
  • Alpine (band), an indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia
  • Alpine (email client), a free software e-mail client
  • Alpine (G.I. Joe), a fictional character in the G.I. Joe universe
  • Alpine (plantation), a historic plantation house in Talladega County, Alabama
  • Alpine Cowboys baseball team
  • Alpine, a number of brands of beer produced by the Moosehead Brewery
  • Alpine Linux, a Linux distribution
  • Alpine, a subdialect of Vivaro-Alpine within the Occitan language

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