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Alyattes Definition

King Alyattes was the king of Lydia, son of King Sadyattes who reigned between 610 and 560 B.C. His conquest created the powerful but short-lived Lydian empire. King Alyattes started five consecutive years of raids that devastated the farmland around the Greek city of Miletus on the southwestern coast of Anatolia. Then he moved eastward, battling the Medes for five years, until an eclipse of the Sun on May, 30, 585 B.C. brought an end to the fighting. Alyattes also fought the Carians and Cimmerians . (Wikipedia) - Alyattes

Alyattes may refer to:

  • Alyattes I, king of Lydia (ca. 740 BC)
  • Alyattes II, king of Lydia, (619-560 BC)

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