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Updated:Wednesday 18th July 2012

Amordadgan Definition

Mordadgan or Amordadgan is one of ancient Iranian Festivities. It is one of 12 monthly Iranian Feasts and one of Persian water festivals.Besides the fifth month of the Persian solar year, the 7th day of each ancient month is called Mordad. Because of some justifications in the Iranian Official Calendar, Mordadgan is mostly celebrated on the 3rd day of the month of Mordad or July, 24th in Gregorian calendar.Jashn-e Mordadgan is attributed to Amshaspand Amertat (Angel of health and long life). Amertat, along with the Khordad angel are protectors of water and plants. Amertata means eternal life in the Avestan Language. Ironically, when the leading letter 'A' is dropped the meaning becomes opposite; therefore modern use of Mordad instead of Amordad has literally a negative meaning indeed.Ancestors of Iranians used to celebrate the Amordadgan in open air, after praying to Ahouramazda they danced and ate and enjoyed merits of nature.Iris (Zanbagh) is the Flower symbol of Amordadgan.

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