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Arachosia Definition

Arachosia is an ancient province in eastern Persian Empire consisting of Kandahar and Quetta along the Helmand and Tarnak rivers in the southwest of modern Afghanistan. Arachosia was a satrapy of the Achaemenid empire (Kandahar in modern Afghanistan) along the Tarnak River. The region is part of the road from the west of Iran across the mountains to the Indus valley. Arachosia is situated between Drangiana on the lower Helmond in the southwest, the mountains and valley of Gandara in the north and Sattagydia in the east. In the Arachosian capital, Kapishakanish (modern Kandahar), the road divides: a traveler coming from the west can go upstream along the Tarnak to modern Kabul and the Punjab, or to the southeast, across the Bolan pass to the lower Indus.After the Sacae, the country was called Sakestan, from which the modern name Sistan is derived. (Wikipedia) - Arachosia For the spider genus, see Anyphaenid sac spider.The ancient Arachosia and the Pactyan people during 500 BC.

Arachosia /ærəˈkoʊsiə/ is the Hellenized name of an ancient satrapy in the eastern part of the Achaemenid, Seleucid, Parthian, Greco-Bactrian, and Indo-Scythian empires. Arachosia was centred on Arghandab valley in modern-day southern Afghanistan, and extended east to as far as the Indus River in modern-day Pakistan. The main river of Arachosia was called Arachōtós, now known as the Arghandab River, a tributary of the Helmand River. The Greek term "Arachosia" corresponds to the Aryan land of Harauti which was around modern-day Helmand. The Arachosian capital or metropolis was called Alexandria or Alexandropolis and laid in what is today Kandahar in Afghanistan.

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"Arachosia" is the Latinized form of Greek Ἀραχωσία - Arachōsíā. "The same region appears in the Avestan Vidēvdāt (1.12) under the indigenous dialect form Haraxvaitī- (whose -axva- is typical non-Avestan)." In Old Persian inscriptions, the region is referred to as

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