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Arsaces is the eponymous Greek form of the dynastic name (rather than the personal names of the kings) adopted by all epigraphically attested rulers of the ''phil-hellenenic'' Arsacid dynasties. The indigenous Parthian and Armenian form was Arshak.

Kings of this name include:

  • Arsaces I of Parthia, c. 247–211 BC
  • Arsaces II of Parthia, c. 211–191 BC, in older sequences known as ''Artabanus I''
  • Arsaces of Pontus, Roman Client King of Pontus in the second half of the 1st century BC, son of Pharnaces II of Pontus
  • Arsaces I of Armenia, son of Artabanus III of Parthia, King of Armenia in 35
  • Arsaces II (Arshak II), King of Armenia c.350–368
  • Arsaces III (Arshak III), King of Armenia 378–387
  • Arsaces, son of King Khosrov IV of Armenia
  • Arsaces (conspirator) - A Byzantine Armenian, instigator of Artabanes plot against Justinian I
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