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Assyrian may refer to:

  • 1 In antiquity
  • 2 Contemporarily
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In antiquity
  • ancient Assyria
    • the Old Assyrian period (Middle Bronze Age)
    • the Middle Assyrian period (Late Bronze Age)
    • the Neo-Assyrian period (Early Iron Age)
    • The Old Assyrian, Middle Assyrian and Neo-Assyrian stages of the Akkadian language, the written language of the Assyrian Empire from the 20th to 7th century BC
    • Either of two provinces of the Persian Empire:
    • Assyria (Roman province), a short-lived province of the Roman Empire
    • Asuristan, Assyria as a province of the Sassanid Empire
  • Assyrian people
    • "Assyrian continuity" as advocated in "Assyrianism"
    • Assyrian cuisine
    • List of Assyrians
    • Assyrian Genocide
    • Syriac Christianity
      • the East Syrian Rite
        • Assyrian Church of the East
        • Chaldean Catholic Church
        • Ancient Church of the East
      • the West Syrian Rite
        • Syriac Orthodox Church
        • Syriac Catholic Church
  • Assyrian Neo-Aramaic
  • SS Assyrian, the name of at least two cargo ships
  • The Assyrian (website), an Australian news website
  • The Assyrian (novel), a 1987 novel by Nicholas Guild
  • The Last Assyrians, French documentary

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