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مجتمع ورزشی آزادی

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Updated:Monday 13th October 2014

Azadi Sport Complex Definition

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The Azadi Sport Complex (formerly Aryamehr Sport Complex) is the national sports complex of Iran based in Tehran. It is the biggest sports complex in Iran. The massive Azadi Stadium is located within the walls of this complex.

  • Azadi Stadium
  • Azadi Velodrome
  • Azadi Indoor Stadium
  • Azadi Swimming Pool Hall
  • Azadi Five Halls Complex
    • Azadi Basketball Hall
    • Azadi Weightlifting Hall
    • Azadi Volleyball Hall
    • Azadi Wrestling Hall
    • Azadi Women''s Hall
  • Azadi Shooting Complex
  • Azadi Artificial Lake
  • Azadi Driving Court
  • Azadi Tennis Courts
  • Olympic Hotel, Tehran
  • Azadi Equestrian Court
  • Azadi Karting Court
  • Azadi Baseball Court
  • Azadi Football Training Pitches

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