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Updated:Tuesday 15th November 2011

Azargan Definition

Azargan is one of ancient Iranian Festivities celebrated in the month of Azar, the 9th month of Persian Solar Year.Azargan is usually celebrated on 9th of Zoroastrian Azar calendar (November, 24th) which is Azar 3d according to Iranian Solar Calendar.Azar is the deity protecting fire in ancient Iranian mythology. The sacred Eternal Fire symbolizes life and purity. Fire creates warmth in life and its light is the sign of Ahouramazda. Therefore Azargan can be named as one of feasts of fire just like Sadeh, and Charshanbeh Souri. In Zoroastrian ceremonies, fire as the seventh creation of Ahouramazda is mostly present.On the day of Azargan, Iranians used to make a huge camp fire in yards or rooftops. After prayers Well-dressed worshippers used to take a burning flame from the Firealtar to houses and kept that fire alive through the winter. Rhymes and poets and verses from Avesta were sung. Flame flower called Azaryoon or Azargoon (Gol-e Hamisheh Bahar or Calendula persica) that looks similar to sunflowers are used to decorate tables.

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