Bandar Abbas International Airport

فرودگاه بین‌المللی بندرعباس

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Updated:Tuesday 27th January 2015

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GDSLocation of airport in Iran
Public / Military
Bandar Abbas, Iran
22 ft / 7 m
27°13′05″N 056°22′40″E / 27.21806°N 56.37778°E / 27.21806; 56.37778
Direction Length Surface m ft
03R/21L 3,660 12,008 Asphalt
03L/21R 3,457 11,341 Asphalt
Source: DAFIF

Bandar Abbas International Airport (IATA: BND, ICAO: OIKB) is an airport in Bandar Abbas, the capital of Hormozgān Province in Iran.

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Airlines and destinations Airlines Destinations
Aria Air Kish Island, Dubai
Ata Airlines Tehran-Mehrabad
Caspian Airlines Tehran-Mehrabad
Sepahan Airlines Bushehr, Chabahar, Isfahan, Kerman, Kish Island, Tehran-Mehrabad, Doha, Dubai (all suspended)
Iran Air Ahwaz, Chabahar, Isfahan, Sari, Shiraz, Tabriz, Tehran-Mehrabad, Yazd, Dubai
Iran Air Tours Abadan, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Shiraz, Baghdad, Zahedan
Iran Aseman Airlines Isfahan, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Noshahr, Rasht, Shiraz, Tehran-Mehrabad, Yazd, Doha, Dubai
Iranian Naft Airlines Ahwaz,Dubai International, Kish Island
Kish Air Abu Musa, Kish Island, Dubai, Tehran-Mehrabad
Mahan Air Mashhad, Tehran-Mehrabad
Qeshm Airlines Kish Island, Tehran-Mehrabad
Saudia Seasonal: Jeddah, Medina
Zagros Airlines Mashhad
  • Iran Air Flight 655 took off at Bandar Abbas on July 3, 1988, only to be shot down by the USS Vincennes of the U.S. Navy, killing all 290 on board.
  • 2005 Iranian Air Force C-130 crash: A Lockheed C-130 Hercules crashed into a ten-storey apartment building in downtown Tehran on 6 December 2005, after takeoff from Tehran Mehrabad airport. The flight was attempting to return to Mehrabad with engine trouble when it crashed, killing 128 (10 crew, 84 passengers, and 34 people in the building, many of them children staying home due to high smog levels in the city). The flight was bound for Bandar Abbas.
  • Iran Air Tours Flight 945, a scheduled flight from Bandar Abbas to Mashhad on 1 September 2006, crashed on landing at Mashhad after a landing failure caused the Tupolev Tu-154M to leave the runway, killing 28 of the 148 on board (137 passengers, 11 crew).
  • IRIAF F-4 Phantom II crashed near Bandar Abbas on October 14, 2012, killing two airmen.

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