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Cameron may refer to:

  • Cameron (given name), a given name (including a list of people with the name)
  • Cameron (surname), a surname (including a list of people with the name)
  • Clan Cameron, a Scottish clan
  • Cam''ron, the stage name of hip hop artist Cameron Giles
  • David Cameron, British Prime Minister
  • James Cameron, film director, film producer, deep-sea explorer, screenwriter, and editor
Fictional characters
  • Dr. Allison Cameron, in the television series House
  • Dr. David Cameron, in the television series Queer as Folk
  • Cameron (Terminator), in the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • Cameron Mitchell (Stargate), in the television series Stargate SG-1
  • Cameron Tucker, in the television series Modern Family
Places Australia Canada
  • Cameron, Manitoba
  • Cameron, Peterborough County, Ontario
  • Cameron, Ontario
  • Papineau-Cameron, Ontario
  • Cameron Township, Quebec, merged in 1980 with Bouchette, Quebec
  • Cameron Settlement, Nova Scotia
  • Camerón, Chile
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Cameron, near St Andrews, Fife
United States
  • Cameron, Arizona
  • Cameron, California (disambiguation)
  • Cameron, Illinois
  • Cameron, Iowa, an unincorporated community in Cerro Gordo County
  • Cameron, Louisiana
  • Cameron, Montana
  • Cameron, Missouri
  • Cameron, New York
  • Cameron, North Carolina
  • Cameron, Ohio
  • Cameron, Oklahoma
  • Cameron, South Carolina
  • Cameron, Texas
  • Cameron, West Virginia
  • Cameron County, Pennsylvania
  • Cameron County, Texas
  • Cameron Parish, Louisiana
  • Cameron Township, Minnesota
  • Cameron, Wisconsin (disambiguation)
Other uses
  • Cameron (automobile), American automobile manufacturer, 1904–21
  • Cameron (company), oil services company
  • Cameron (crater), lunar crater
  • Cameron Balloons, balloon manufacturing company in Bristol, England
  • Cameron University, educational institution in Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Cameron Coca-Cola, a bottling company

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