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Chávez (Spanish) or Chavez (American spelling) may refer to:

  • Chávez (surname)
    • Jorge Chávez Dartnell, (1887-1910) also known as Géo Chávez, Peruvian pioneer aviator, first to cross the Alps in an airplane
    • Hugo Chávez, (1954–2013) former Venezuelan president
    • U.S. labor leader César Chávez (1927–1993)
    • Colegio César Chávez, a college named after him
    • Carlos Chávez, Mexican composer
  • Chavez (band), an indie rock band in New York in the 1990s
  • Cesar Chavez (film)
  • Chavez, the Spanish-language version of Riddick Bowe Boxing released in Mexico
  • Chavez II, the Spanish-language version of Boxing Legends of the Ring released in Mexico

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