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Chitgar Lake Definition

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Chitgar Lake, also known as the Lake of Martyrs of the Persian Gulf, is an artificial and recreational lake located in the north of Chitgar Park, north-west of Tehran City, Iran.

The total area of this complex is about 250 hectares; 130 hectares across the lake, and the rest of it goes for the coastal zone and resorts.

About 80% of the lake water comes from the Kan Creek, and the rest of it comes from central areas and surface runoffs of the district.

HistoryA view of Chitgar Lake from northern heights of Tehran

Background of the project of this lake, goes back to the first master plan of Tehran in 1968. In the plan, construction of a lake in western Tehran had been predicted. But due to technical and budgetary constraints, construction of the lake remained dormant for many years.

Finally, from 2003 to 2010, detailed studies were done at different times by the consultant, and the uncertainties of the plan were reviewed.

Operations of the lake area was started in September of 2010, and operations of the coastal zones started in June of 2012.

The project was conducted by a contractor from Sabir Company (related to Iranian Ministry of Energy), based on study and design of the Pars Tunnel Company (Stucky Pars Consulting Engineers Co.).

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