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(Wikipedia) - Congo   Republic of the Congo   Democratic Republic of the Congo The Congo River forms most of the border between these two countries.
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Congo (or Kongo or Kongō) is the name of a major river in southern Africa, the Congo River. It is also the name of two countries that border that river: the much larger Democratic Republic of the Congo (capital: Kinshasa), once known as Zaire; and the smaller Republic of the Congo to the northwest (capital: Brazzaville).

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Places Africa Political
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo, or Congo-Kinshasa
    • Zaire, the name of the country under the Mobutu regime (1965–1997)
    • Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville) or Congo-Léopoldville (1960–1964)
    • Belgian Congo (1908–1960)
    • Congo Free State (1885-1908)
  • Republic of the Congo, or Congo-Brazzaville
    • People''s Republic of the Congo (1970–1991)
    • French Congo (1880–1960)
  • Portuguese Congo, now the Angolan exclave of Cabinda Province
  • Congo (area), a geographical area in Africa inhabited by Congolese populations
  • Congo River, African river also known as Zaire River
  • Congo Basin, drainage for the Congo River in west equatorial Africa
Historical kingdoms
  • Kingdom of Kongo (1400–1914), covering parts of present-day Angola and the two Congo states
  • Kongo dia Nlaza (until late in the 16th century), a former kingdom absorbed by the Kingdom of Kongo
Administrative regions
  • M''banza-Kongo, capital of Angola''s northwestern Zaire province
  • Kongo Central, former Bas-Congo province, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Other places Languages and ethnic groups
  • Kongo people or Congolese, an ethnic group in the two Congo states and Angola
  • Kongo language
Entertainment Acting
  • Kongō, one of the five schools of Noh acting
  • Kongo (1932 film), a film starring Walter Huston, Lupe Velez, and Conrad Nagel
  • Congo (film), a 1995 film based on Michael Crichton''s novel
  • "Congo" (song), a 1997 song by Genesis from Calling All Stations
  • Kongos (band), a South African rock band
  • The Congos, a reggae vocal group from Jamaica
  • Congo (novel), a 1980 novel by Michael Crichton
  • Congo (BBC TV series), a 2001 BBC documentary series
  • HMS Congo (1816), a steamship for the Royal Navy, United Kingdom
  • Japanese corvette Kongō, launched 1877
  • Japanese battleship Kongō, launched 1912 as a battlecruiser
    • Kongō-class battlecruiser
  • JDS Kongō (DDG-173), a Japanese destroyer launched in 1991
    • Kongō-class destroyer
Other uses
  • Congo (loa), a spirit in Haitian voodoo mythology
  • Congo (chimpanzee)
  • The Conference of NGOs or CONGO, a worldwide group of charity and aid organizations
  • Vajra or Kongō, a Buddhist concept
  • Congo (chess variant), a chess variant invented by Demian Freeling
People with the surname
  • Kongō Masahiro (born 1948), former sumo wrestler
  • John Kongos (born 1945), South African musician, leader of the band Johnny Kongos and the G-Men
  • Kid Congo Powers (born 1960), guitarist
  • Louis Congo (fl. 1725), emancipated slave appointed public executioner of Louisiana
  • Cheick Kongo (born 1975), aka Cheick Guillaume Ouedraogo, French mixed martial arts fighter and kickboxer

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