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Persian male first name. Name of several kings of Persia (Dariush I, Dariush II, Dariush III)Dariush I known as Dariush the Great (550-486 BC) Dariush III last Achaemenid king (Wikipedia) - Dariush Dariush Pronunciation Gender Origin Word/name
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Dariush (also spelled Daryoush or Dariyush) is a common Persian male given name, and was the throne name of Darius the Great and two other kings of the Achaemenid dynasty, which thus enjoyed considerable popularity among noblemen in later periods.

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The Modern Persian داریوش Dāriūsh, Latin Dārīus, Dārēus, Greek Δαρεῖος Dareîos, Aramaic drwš, drywš, Elamite Da-ri-ya-(h)u-(ú-)iš, Akkadian Da-(a-)ri-muš, Egyptian tr(w)š, trjwš, intr(w)š, intrjwš, Lycian Ñtarijeus-, and Old Persian Dārayauš, are short forms of Old Pers.

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