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Dassault Group (French pronunciation: ​; GIMD, Groupe Dassault, or the Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault S.A.) is a France-based group of companies led by Serge Dassault. It was established in 1995.

Managing directors are Claude Dassault and Olivier Costa de Beauregard.

  • Dassault Aviation
    • Dassault Falcon Jet
    • Dassault Falcon Service
    • Sogitec (simulation and integrated logistic support systems)
  • SABCA (design and manufacturing of aerospace equipment)
    • SABCA Limburg
    • Lummen
  • Dassault Systèmes (software and PLM development solutions)
  • Société de Véhicules Electriques (SVE), a joint venture between Dassault and Heuliez for the development of electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles (Cleanova II based on Renault Kangoo), its President and CEO is Gérard Thery;
  • Figaro Group (media, including Le Figaro and FC Nantes)
  • Immobiliere Dassault (real estate)
  • Artcurial (auctions)
    • Arqana (thoroughbred auctions) (30%)
  • Château Dassault (wine)

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