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Updated:Saturday 22nd December 2007

Daygan Definition

Daygan also called Khorram-rooz is one of ancient Iranian Festivities celebrated in the month of DAY, the 10th month of Persian Solar Year. In this text DAY is written in all-caps to avoid probable confusion with the word "day" in English.The root of the word DAY has the meaning of giving or given by God. The 8th, 15th, and 23rd of each Zoroastrian month is called DAY. In Persian theology, as root of DAY the term Dadar is the giver, describing God as most generous, and ever forgiving. In this respect, there are actually 3 Daygan celebrations in the month of DAY. 8th day is called DAY-to-Azar, 15th day is DAY-to-Mehr and 23rd is called DAY-to-Din.Because of the fact that in original Zoroastrian calendar all months have 30 days, it takes some calculations to find exact corresponding dates to the official Iranian Solar calendar. According to most experts the three Daygan celebrations occur on 2nd, 9th and 17th of the official Iranian calendar also known as Jalali calendar.According to Abureyhan Birouni; the month of DAY also used to be called Khormah (Month of the sun) and the first day of DAY was called Khor-rooz (Day of the sun)The followers of Mithraism usually celebrate the first of DAY (December, 22nd) as the birthday of the sun. Daygan is celebrated after the Yalda Night which is the longest night of the year; After Yalda, days become longer and nights become shorter; this is interpreted as the victory of light over darkness, a very strong symbolization of Ahouramazda (God) over Ahriman (Evil).Traditionally on Daygan, Shah, the king, or the governor used to descend from his throne or seat. Then he wore white clothes and sat on the ground covered with white carpets dismissing guards and aids to let ordinary people come directly to him and submit any complaints they might have. The king had his meals with ordinary people showing them the fact that he is just one of them. also becoming a sample for other subordinates. In the month of DAY, another celebration takes place named Medyarimgah or the Fifth Gahanbar which is a thanksgiving ceremony for God's creation of cattle.Birouni mentions another ceremony among Iranians called Sirshoor on 14th of Zoroastrian DAY which coincides with 8th of official month of DAY. Shirshoor is a ceremony in mourning of the legendary Kiani king Jamshid from the Pishdadian Dynasty.

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