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(Wikipedia) - Emad Afroogh   (Redirected from Emad Afrough) Emad Afroogh Member of Parliament of Iran Constituency Personal details Born Political party Alma mater Religion
In office 2004–2008
1956 Shiraz, Iran
Islamic Iran Participation Front (1998-2004) Coalition of Iran''s Independent Volunteers (2008–present)
Tehran University
Usuli Twelver Shia Islam

Emad Afroogh (born 1956) is an Iranian politician and sociologist. He studied at Shiraz University and Tarbiat Modares University. He is currently a member of the Iranian parliament.

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  • chairman of Religion & Science Department of Cultural Studies & Humanities Research Center
  • chairman of Social Group of Center for Strategic Researches affiliated to Presidential office 1993-1994
  • chairman of central library of Tarbiat Modares University 1997-1998
  • head of domestic policies in defense & security commission of Secretariat of Expediency Council 1998-2000
  • head of culture, art & history group of Channel one in IRIB 2001-2003
  • secretary & head of Scientific Committee of Intellectual Meetings in Iran & Committee for Identifying Standards for Cultural Development in the Cosmopolitan City of Tehran

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