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Esfand Definition

- Esfand / Viyaxana : 12th month of Persian Solar Calendar.Iranian civil calendar (February 20 – March 20) Esfand has 29 days (In leap year 30 days) and begins on February and ends on March. Esfand is the 3rd month of Winter.- Espandgan is of month name Persian Festivities celebrated in Esfand. (Wikipedia) - Esfand For places in Iran, see Esfand, Iran.

Esfand (Persian: اسفند, Persian pronunciation: ) is the twelfth and final month of the Iranian calendar. Esfand has thirty days normally, and twenty-nine during leap years. It begins in February and ends in March of the Gregorian calendar.

Esfand is the third and last month of the winter season (Zemestan), and is followed by Farvardin.

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