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هواپیمایی فارس قشم

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Dayrestan Airport
Dubai International Airport
Qeshm, Iran

Fars Air Qeshm was an Iranian passenger airline based in Qeshm. It ceased operations in 2013 after having its remaining two aircraft grounded.

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Fars Air Qeshm was established in 2003 with the aim of creating efficient passenger and cargo services serving Qeshm Island. The airline was created with the aid of Private sector investment.

DestinationsA Fars Air Qeshm McDonnell Douglas MD-83 at Tehran Mehrabad International Airport, Iran. (2010)A Fars Air Qeshm Yakovlev Yak-42 landing at Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates. (2012)

Fars Air Qeshm operated the following scheduled services:

Focus city
City Country IATA ICAO Airport
Abadan Iran ABD OIAA Abadan International Airport
Ahvaz Iran AWZ OIAW Ahwaz International Airport
Bandar Lengeh Iran BDH OIBL Bandar Lengeh Airport
Chabahar Iran ZBR OIZC Konarak International Airport
Dubai United Arab Emirates DXB OMDB Dubai International Airport
Isfahan Iran IFN OIFM Isfahan International Airport
Kerman Iran KER OIKK Kerman Airport
Kermanshah Iran KSH OICC Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani Airport
Khorramabad Iran KHD OICK Khorramabad Airport
Kish Island Iran KIH OIBK Kish International Airport
Mashhad Iran MHD OIMM Mashhad International Airport
Qeshm Iran GSM OIKQ Dayrestan Airport
Shiraz Iran SYZ OISS Shiraz International Airport
Tehran Iran THR OIII Mehrabad International Airport
Tehran Iran IKA OIIE Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
Zahedan Iran ZAH OIZH Zahedan Airport
FleetA Fars Air Qeshm Yakovlev Yak-42 landing at Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates. (2006)

The Fars Air Qeshm fleet consisted of the following aircraft (as of August 2013):

Fars Air Qeshm Fleet Aircraft In Fleet Notes Total 2
Yakovlev Yak-42 2 Both aircraft grounded

The airline also operated the following aircraft prior to ceasing operations:

Fars Air Qeshm Historic Fleet Aircraft Total Notes Total 2
McDonnell Douglas MD-83 1 Operated by Bukovyna Airlines
Yakovlev Yak-42 1 Both aircraft grounded

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