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Fereydoun Definition

Fereydoun is an Iranian Male First Name.Fereydoun: Son of the Waters is the name of an Iranian legendary Kiani king and hero who is an emblem of victory, justice and generosity in the Persian literature.Fereydoun in the Shahnameh:According to Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (epic of kings) , Fereydoun was the son of Abtin, one of descendants of Jamshid. Fereydoun, together with Kaveh, revolted against the tyrannical king Zahhak, defeated and arrested him in the Alborz Mountains. Afterwards Fereydoun became the king and, according to the myth, ruled the country for about 500 years. At the end of his life he allocated his kingdom to his three sons; Salm, Tur, and Iraj. Iraj was Fereydoun’s youngest and favored son and inherited the best part of the kingdom, namely Iran. Salm inherited Asia Minor ("Rūm", more generally meaning the Roman Empire, the Greco-Roman world, or just "the West") and Tur inherited Central Asia ("Turan", all the lands north and east of the Oxus, as far as China), respectively. This aroused Iraj’s brothers’ envy and encouraged them to murder him. After Iraj’s murder, Fereydoun enthroned Iraj’s grandson, Manouchehr. Manouchehr’s attempt to avenge his grandfather’s murder initiated the Iranian-Turanian wars. (Wikipedia) - Fereydoon   (Redirected from Fereydoun)

Fereydoon, Fereydoun or Ferydoon (Persian: فریدون) may refer to:


  • Fereydoon Batmanghelidj (1931–2004), an Iranian medical doctor best known for his book, Your Body''s Many Cries for Water
  • Fereydoon Davatchi, the director of Rheumatology Research Center (RRC) in Tehran University of Medical sciences
  • Fereydoon Family (born 1945), leading Persian physicist in the field of nanotechnology and solid-state physics
  • Fereydoon Farrokhzad (1936–1992), Persian singer, actor, poet, TV and Radio host, writer, and political opposition figure
  • Fereydoon Fazli, (born 1971), Iranian football player
  • Hassan Feridon (born 1948), birth name of Hassan Rouhani, 7th President of Iran
  • Fereydoon Hoveyda (1924–2006), influential Iranian diplomat, writer and thinker
  • Fereydoon Mirza (1810–1855), the 5th son of Abbas Mirza, then crown prince of Persia
  • Fereydoon Moshiri (1926–2000), contemporary Persian poet
  • Fereydoon Motamed (1917–1993), internationally known professor and linguist
  • Ferydoon Zandi (born 1979), Iranian football midfielder


  • Fereydoon Kenar, Iranian resort town on the Caspian Sea
  • Fereydoon Shahr, the center of Fereydunshahr County is a city in the western part of the Isfahan province of Iran

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