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Updated:Sunday 9th December 2007

Frada Definition

Frada was the king that revolted against Dariush the Great in Margiana in 522 BC at the time when Dariush was dealing with a great Median uprising that was suppressed in 521. Then, the satrap of Bactria, Dadarshi, advanced against the rebels, which he defeated on December 28, 521 after a march of three hundred kilometers through the Karakum desert.King Dariush states in the Behistun Inscription: The province called Margiana revolted against me. A certain Margian named Frada they made their leader. Then sent I against him a Persian named Dadarshi, my servant, who was satrap of Bactria, and I said unto him: 'Go, smite that host which does not acknowledge me.' Then Dadarshi went forth with the army, and gave battle to the Margians. Ahuramazda brought me help; by the grace of Ahuramazda my army utterly overthrew that rebel host. Of the twenty-third day of the month Achiyadiya (December 28, 521) was the battle fought by them.

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