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A frame is a structural system that supports other components of a physical construction.

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Engineering & construction
  • A-Frame, a basic structure designed to bear a load in a lightweight economical manner
    • A-Frame house, a house following the same principle
  • Bicycle frame, the main component of a bicycle, onto which other components are fitted
    • Motorcycle frame, main component of a motorcycle, onto which other components are fitted
  • Door frame or window frame, structures fixed to buildings, vehicles or other containers to which the hinges of doors or windows are attached and can be locked shut
  • Frame (aircraft), structural rings in an aircraft fuselage
  • Frame (loudspeaker) or basket, a structural component which supports the functional components of a loudspeaker
  • Frame (nautical), skeleton of a ship
  • Frame and panel, a method of woodworking
  • Vehicle frame, to which everything on an automobile is mounted
  • Framer, a carpenter who assembles major structural elements in constructing a building
  • Framing (construction), a building term known as light frame construction
  • Lever frame, a railway signalling device containing interlocks for signals, points (railroad switches) etc.
  • Locomotive frame, section on engine frames
  • The frame or receiver, one of the basic parts of a modern firearm
  • Space frame, a method of construction using lightweight materials
  • Timber framing, a method of building for creating framed structures of heavy timber
  • A synonym for a Rack, used for example to hold the components of a mainframe computer
  • Frame as a synonym for the human body, especially in poetic context
  • Bed frame
  • Climbing frame, a children''s attraction in parks
  • Distribution frame in telecommunications
  • Eyeglass frame
  • Frame, for definition of terms "frames" in games: bowling and snooker
  • Frame (surname)
  • Hive frame, a structural element that holds honeycomb
  • Frame (dance), a connection between lead and follow in partner dancing
  • Frame (magazine), design magazine from the Netherlands
  • Framing (social sciences), terminology used in communication theory and sociology, where it relates to the contextual presentation of media content
  • Frame tale, a narrative technique, for telling stories within a story
  • Frameup, to make an innocent party appear guilty of someone else''s crime
  • Picture frame, a solid border around a picture or painting
  • Spinning frame
  • Water frame
  • FRAME Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments
  • Frame Overo, a coat pattern in horses
  • Reading frame divides a sequence of nucleotides into a set of consecutive, non-overlapping triplets.
  • Frameshift mutation, when a single base-pair is added to a DNA string, causing incorrect transcription.
  • Frame analysis, a social science research method used to analyze how people understand situations and activities.
  • Basis, an ordered basis is also called a "frame"
  • Frame bundle, in mathematics is a principal fiber bundle associated with any vector bundle
  • Frame of reference, the set of coordinates in which a system is observed
  • Frame of a vector space, a generalization of a basis to sets of possibly linearly dependent vectors which also satisfy the frame condition
  • Frames and locales, in order theory
  • K-frame, a generalization of a basis to linearly independent sets of vectors that need not span the space
  • Moving frame, in differential geometry
  • Orthonormal frame, in Riemannian geometry
  • Projective frame, in projective geometry
  • Sampling frame, a set of items or events possible to measure (statistics)
Computer science
  • Frame (artificial intelligence), machine-usable formalizations of concepts or schemata that can be used for knowledge representation
  • Frame (GUI), a box used to hold other widgets in a graphical user interface
  • A data structure in frame languages
  • Frame (networking), a data transmission unit or network packet that includes frame synchronization information
  • Frame problem, in artificial intelligence
  • Frame rate, the number of frames—or images—displayed on screen per unit of time, usually expressed in frames per second (FPS)
  • framing, the application of networking frames using Frame synchronization
  • Frame Technology (software engineering), a models-to-code system based on adaptable frames
  • Framing (World Wide Web), a method of displaying multiple HTML documents on one page of a web browser
    • Iframes, a frame element in HTML code
  • Stack frame, a part of a call stack
  • Page frame, available chunk of memory
Software Arts and media
  • E-frame, in the animated science fiction series Exosquad
  • Film frame, one of the many single photographic images in a motion picture
  • Frame (1971–1990), a book of collected poetry by Barrett Watten, published in 1997
  • Frames (Oceansize album), a 2007 album by Oceansize
  • Frames (Lee DeWyze album), a 2013 album by Lee DeWyze
  • Frame (journal), a literary journal from the Netherlands
  • "Frame" (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), a 2008 episode of the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • Reframing (filmmaking), in film and programming
  • The Frames, an Irish rock band

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