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The Freedom Movement of Iran (FMI) is a political party that has been banned in Iran during most of its life.AKA Liberation Movement of Iran (LMI) Nehzat-e Azadi-e Iran is an Iranian political organization which was founded in 1961 by Mehdi Bazargan, Mahmoud Taleghani, Yadollah Sahabi, Mostafa Chamran, Ali Shariati, Sadegh Ghotbzadeh and some other political or religious figures. Despite being outlawed by the prevailing regime in Iran, the group continues to exist. The group's current leader is Abdolali Bazargan elected in 24 March 2011. LMI is one of the major parties in The Alliance of Nationalist-Religious Activists of Iran ("Etelaf-e Nirouhaye Melli Mazhabi-e Iran"). Musa al-Sadr was also a close associate of the movement and of its founding members.The group's origins go back to the early 1950s right after the 1953 coup d'état against the government of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh, who was Prime Minister of Iran from April 1951 to August 1953 (with a very brief interruption in July 1952). That coup brought down Mosaddegh and his colleagues from power and reinstalled the Shah as the dominant force in Iranian politics. The newly installed regime quickly rounded up Mosaddegh's closest supporters, outlawing freedom of expression and brutally cracking down on free political activity. Mosaddegh himself was placed before a military court and sentenced to three years in prison. Under these unfavorable conditions, a group of low-ranking leaders from the Mosaddegh era quickly formed an underground organization calling itself the National Resistance Movement (NRM). It is significant in the context of the LMI's history because this reincarnation of the National Front (the umbrella group for Mosaddegh's supporters) was constituted mainly of religious laymen, which differentiated it from the secular members of the banned National Front, including Mosaddegh himself. The NRM campaigned for the 1954 Majlis to be free and fair (they were not) and attempted to restore the constitutional monarchy (which also did not occur). Failing to achieve its aims and facing the power repressive apparatus of the Shah's regime, the group disbanded in the mid-1950s.But in 1960, the Second National Front was formed, which mostly involved figures from the early 1950s during Mosaddegh's time in office. But in 1961, Mehdi Bazargan, Mahmud Taleghani, Yadollah Sahabi (all prominent liberals) broke away and formed a more religious (and radical) counterpart to the National Front. This new group quickly gained a large following exceeding that of their rival and its leaders advocated civil disobedience such as protests, sit-ins and strikes as a way of pressuring the Shah to reinstitute democratic rule. But, after a brief period of reform under Prime Minister Ali Amini, the regime cracked down on dissent. In June 1963, a massive uprising occurred in five Iranian cities over the arrest of Ayatollah Khomeini, a radical cleric who had been making inflammatory statements concerning the regime of the Shah and his allegedly anti-Wikipedia) - Freedom movement   (Redirected from Freedom Movement) Not to be confused with freedom of movement.

A freedom movement is any organized effort within a society to promote, or attain, liberation or independence, based on social, political, economic, religious, or other ideological grounds.

The term freedom movement may refer to:

  • The modern libertarian effort to reduce government authority, particularly in the United States.
  • health freedom movement (alternative medicine)
  • Indian independence movement (India)
  • Goa liberation movement (India)
  • Chicago Freedom Movement (1966 civil rights campaign)
  • Bahrain Freedom Movement (Islamic group based in London)
  • Fascism and Freedom Movement (Italy)
  • Freedom Movement of Iran
  • Isatabu Freedom Movement (Guadalcanal)
  • Language Freedom Movement (Republic of Ireland])
  • Lakota Freedom Movement (American Indian Movement)
  • National Socialist Freedom Movement (Germany)
  • Palestinian Freedom Movement
  • People''s Freedom Movement (Jamaica)
  • Tavisupleba ("Freedom" or "Freedom Movement" in Georgia)
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