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Updated:Saturday 31st August 2013

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It’s now clear that the Obama administration is going to strike Syria. Speaking in the White House, Obama just said that he is considering a “limited narrow act that would help make sure that not only Syria but other countries around the world” get the message they can’t use chemical weapons. Andrea Mitchell of NBC says the decision to act is a “fait accompli.” John Kerry indicated as much in his grandiloquent speech earlier today: As previous storms in history have gathered, when unspeakable crimes were within our power to stop them, we have been warned against the temptations of looking the other way. History is full of leaders who have warned against inaction, indifference, and especially against silence when it mattered most. Our choices then in history had great consequences and our choice today has great consequences…. It matters because if we choose to live in a world where a thug and a murderer like Bashar al-Assad can gas thousands of his own people with impunity, even after the United States and our allies said no, and then the world does nothing about it, there will be no end to the test of our resolve and the dangers that will flow from those others who believe that they can do as they will… Will they remember that the Assad regime was stopped from those weapons’ current or future use, or will they remember that the world stood aside and created impunity? You can’t walk away from that language. The media seem to be generally supportive, though the Congress is balking. The twitter crawl line on MSNBC included Rep. Raul Grijalva saying: Attacking Syria is the wrong course of action. We need prevention right now, not punishment And Alan Grayson, the Democratic Florida congressperson, wearing an American flag tie and looking America first, said on MSNBC, that attacking Syria is not in the American interest and the proof of the Syrian government’s hand in the chemical attacks is inconclusive: “[This] simply has little or nothing to do with us. We are not the world’s policeman.” A friend reports: Christiane Amanpour, ever the liberal interventionist, is impatient, telling America to suck it up and let’s get on with it. On CNN, a few minutes ago: “We’ve been discussing and these endless public debates about was there a chemical attack, who did it. It’s clear. It’s clear as day and it is a violation of the most serious international law and that is about weapons of mass destruction. [Note: International law does not even use the WMD term. We know for what reason the acronym WMD was invented.] This requires under law a response, and because of all the politics over Iraq and because of all sorts of other things, it is very difficult to go ahead in a unified manner. But I remember back in Kosovo, although this is a different issue, I remember back in Kosovo when Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia you know was attacking and threatening the population there, the United States had to go with its NATO allies around the United Nations and do what it had to do. You saw President Clinton went around all his allies, NATO or the UN, after Osama bin Laden blew up those East African embassies in 1998, and there has been very limited alliances hitting Saddam Hussein over various years during the late 90s. So there is precedent for this.” My view is that US and Israel want to prolong the war, although US cannot say that. Weaken Assad and hence Iran, but not overthrow Assad for now, as they fear jihadis taking over. Israel wants more aggressive push towards Iran showdown than the US. This is typical divide-and-conquer and never let any other power in the region get too powerful Israeli strategy. Nobody in the MSM wants to touch Saudi Arabia’s role in this. Saudi Arabia does want regime change, and it wants it now, and is quite willing to use jihadis to get what they want. MSNBC had Andrea Mitchell, Chris Cillizza and Steve Clemons. As moderator, Mitchell did her usual pro-National Security Stat

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