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Garmsar Definition

(Wikipedia) - Garmsar For the administrative subdivision, see Garmsar County. For the administrative subdivision of Kerman Province, see Garmsar Rural District. Garmsar گرمسار Country Province County Bakhsh Population (2006)  • Total Time zone  • Summer (DST)
Aerial View East-Northeast of Garmsar
Coordinates: 35°13′06″N 52°20′27″E / 35.21833°N 52.34083°E / 35.21833; 52.34083Coordinates: 35°13′06″N 52°20′27″E / 35.21833°N 52.34083°E / 35.21833; 52.34083
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Garmsar (Persian: گرمسار‎, also Romanized as Garmsār; formerly, Shahr-e Qeshlāq (Persian: شَهرِ قِشلاق‎), also, simply Qeshlāq) is a city in and the capital of Garmsar County, Semnan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 38,891, in 10,951 families.

Garmsar is located about 95 kilometres (59 mi) southeast of Tehran. It lies on the edge of Dasht-e Kavir, Iran''s largest desert. Many people in the city commute to Tehran due to its proximity. Ghasre Bahram, The Stone Way, Stonvand Castle, the Sar Darre Mountains, and Kavir Desert National Park are tourist attractions located in the area.

Garmsar is also known for its high population of the educated and elite. It is the hometown of the last Islamic Republic President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Garmsar is a Persian majority .

Notable People
  • Jalil Zandi
  • Parviz Kardovani
Agricultural sector

The Hablehrood river originating from Dalichai-Firouzkooh flows to the plateau of Garmsar. Its water is extensively used for agriculture in Garmsar. Since salt water mixes with Hablehrood before its arrival to the city, the water is not fit for drinking. Hablehrood is the only permanent river in Semnan province. Thanks to the water provided by Hablehrood, people in Garmsar grow wheat, barley, cotton and yellow melon. Garmsar is known across Iran for its sweet and crispy yellow melons.


The traditional cuisine for the city is called Tahchin. It should not be confused with the classical Tahchin in Iran. Tahchin is a tasty and fragrant rice-based food where marinated raw meat is slowly cooked inside the rice on a low flame over several hours.


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