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Gaugamela Definition

The most commonly accepted location for Gaugamela (Arbela) where a battle took place between Macedonian Alexander and king Dariush 3. of Achaemenid Empire is somewhere east of Mosul in modern-day northern Iraq (Wikipedia) - Battle of Gaugamela   (Redirected from Gaugamela) Battle of Gaugamela Belligerents Commanders and leaders Strength Casualties and losses
Part of the Wars of Alexander the Great
Battle of Gaugamela, Flemish tapestry, first half of 18th century
Date Location Result Territorial changes
October 1, 331 BC
Probably Tel Gomel (Gaugamela) near Mosul, not far from Irbil (Arbela), which also is a name of the battle (Battle of Arbela)
Decisive Macedonian victory, Persian military capabilities are crippled
Alexander wins Babylon, half of Persia, and all parts of Mesopotamia not already under his control
Hellenic League Achaemenid Empire Greek mercenaries
Alexander the Great Hephaestion Craterus Parmenion Ptolemy Perdiccas Antigonus Cleitus Nearchus Seleucus Ariston Simmias of Macedon Darius III Bessus Mazaeus Orontes II † Atropates
47,000 (See Size of Macedonian army) 34,000–100,000 (modern estimates) 250,000–1,000,000 (ancient sources) (See Size of Persian army)
100 infantry and 1,000 cavalry (according to Arrian); 300 infantry (according to Curtius Rufus); 500 infantry (according to Diodorus Siculus) 40,000 (according to Curtius Rufus) 47,000 (according to Welman) 90,000 (according to Diodorus Siculus) 300,000+ captured (according to Arrian)
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Alexander''s Persian campaigns
  • Granicus (334 BC)
  • Miletus (334 BC)
  • Halicarnassus (334 BC)
  • Issus (333 BC)
  • Tyre (332 BC)
  • Gaza (332 BC)
  • Gaugamela (331 BC)
  • Uxian Defile (331 BC)
  • Persian Gate (330 BC)
  • Cyropolis (329 BC)
  • Jaxartes (329 BC)
  • Gabai (328 BC)
  • Sogdian Rock (327 BC)

The Battle of Gaugamela (/ˌɡɔːɡəˈmiːlə/; Greek: Γαυγάμηλα) took place in 331 BC between the Hellenic League, led by Alexander the Great of Macedon and the Persians led by Darius III. Also called the Battle of Arbela, it was a decisive victory for the Hellenic League and led to the fall of the Persian Empire.


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