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Golden Definition

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Golden means made of, or relating to gold.

Golden can refer to:

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Places United States
  • Golden, Colorado, a suburb of Denver
  • Golden, Idaho, an unincorporated community
  • Golden, Illinois, a village
  • Golden Township, Michigan
  • Golden, Mississippi, a village
  • Golden City, Missouri, a city
  • Golden, Missouri, an unincorporated community
  • Golden, Nebraska, ghost town in Burt County
  • Golden Township, Holt County, Nebraska
  • Golden, New Mexico, a sparsely populated ghost town
  • Golden, Oregon, an abandoned mining town
  • Golden, Texas, an unincorporated community
  • Golden, Utah, a ghost town
  • Golden, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, an unincorporated community
  • Golden, Marshall County, West Virginia, an unincorporated community
  • Golden Cap, Dorset
  • Golden Square, Soho, London
  • Golden Valley, Gloucestershire
  • Golden Valley, Herefordshire
  • Golden, County Tipperary, Ireland, a village on the River Suir
  • Golden Vale, Munster, Ireland
  • Golden, British Columbia, Canada, a town
  • Golden, an incorporated township merged into the municipality of Red Lake, Ontario, Canada
  • Golden Bay, New Zealand
  • Golden Beach, Paros, Greece
  • Golden Beach, Hong Kong
  • Golden Beach, Chennai, India
  • Golden Hill, Hong Kong - see List of mountains, peaks and hills in Hong Kong
  • Golden Mountains (Sudetes), on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic
  • 4423 Golden, an asteroid
  • Golden (band), an American rock group
  • Golden (Failure album), 2004
  • Golden (Kit Downes Trio album), 2009
  • Golden (Rosita Vai album), 2005
  • Golden (Lady Antebellum album), a 2013 studio album
    • "Golden" (Lady Antebellum song)
  • Golden (Parade of Lights EP), a 2014 extended play
    • "Golden" (Parade of Lights song)
  • "Golden", a 2007 song by German pop group Monrose from Strictly Physical album
  • "Golden", a song on the 2007 Infinity on High album by Fall Out Boy
  • "Golden" (Jill Scott song) (2004)
  • "Golden", a song from the 2003 It Still Moves album by My Morning Jacket
  • "Golden", a song from the 2005 Nothing Is Sound album by Switchfoot
  • "Golden", a song from the 2011 Goblin album by Tyler, the Creator
  • Golden (name), a family name and, less frequently, a given name
In business
  • Golden Air, a Swedish regional airline
  • Golden Artist Colors, an American manufacturer of acrylic paints and mediums
  • Golden Books, a division of Western Publishing
  • Golden Films, an American film production company
  • Golden Gaming, an American operator of casinos, taverns, and slot routes, based in Nevada
  • Golden Records, a New York City record label
  • Golden Telecom, a Russian telecommunication company
  • Molson Golden, a brand of Canadian beer
  • Golden Shopping Centre and Golden Computer Arcade, two floors of a shopping mall in Hong Kong
In transportation
  • Golden Highway, New South Wales, Australia
  • Golden Road (Maine), United States, a private road
  • Golden Bridge, Gujarat, India
Other uses
  • Golden (chimpanzee)
  • Hong Kong Golden FC, former name of football club Sun Hei SC
  • Golden Baseball League, a former California independent baseball league (2004–10)
  • Golden, a novel by Cameron Dokey
  • Golden High School, Golden, Colorado, United States

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