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گودرز دوم

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24. Goodarz 2/ Goodarz II (c.41 - 50 AD) was the 24th king of the Parthian Empire.Goodarz 2nd of Parthia ruled the Parthian Empire intermittently between about 40 and 51. He was probably the son of Artabanus 3rd and when his father died in about 39/40 AD and his brothers Tirdad 3rd and Vardanes 1st succeeded to the throne, Goodarz rebelled.He soon made himself detested by his cruelty — among many other murders he even slew his brother Artabanus and his whole family — and Vardanes regained the throne; Goodarz fled to Hyrcania and gathered an army from the nomads. The war between the two kings was at last ended by a treaty, as both were afraid of the conspiracies of their nobles. Goodarz returned to Hyrcania. But when Vardanes was assassinated in about 47 AD, Goodarz was acknowledged as king in the whole Parthian Empire.Goodarz then added to his coins the usual Parthian titles, "king of kings Arsaces the benefactor, the just, the illustrious (Epiphanes), the friend of the Greeks (Philhellen)", without mentioning his proper name.The discontent excited by his cruelty and luxury induced the hostile party to apply to the Roman emperor Claudius to fetch from Rome an Arsacid prince Mehrdad, who lived there as hostage. Mehrdad crossed the Euphrates in 49, but was beaten and taken prisoner by Goodarz, who cut off his ears.Soon afterwards Goodarz died, according to Tacitus, of an illness; Josephus says that he was murdered. His last coin is dated from June 51. He was succeeded briefly by Onon 2 (Vonones)

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