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Goor means zebra. The title was given to Bahram Goor because he enjoyed zebra hunting a lot and also was lost on a hunting day. (Wikipedia) - Goor This article is about the Dutch town. For the forest on Rügen island, see Goor (Rügen). Goor Country Province Municipality Population
Flag Coat of arms
Coordinates: 52°13′56″N 6°35′12″E / 52.23222°N 6.58667°E / 52.23222; 6.58667
Hof van Twente
12,314 (01-01-2,008)

Goor is a town about 25 km west of Enschede in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It received town rights in 1263. The population is about 13,000.

Goor was a separate municipality until 2001, when it became a part of Hof van Twente.

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Railway Station: Goor

  • Rutger Kopland (1934-2012), poet
  • Template:Tommy Wieringa (1964-), writer
  • Template:Renee Luth (1979-), poet

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