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Iberian ?

Iberian Definition

(Wikipedia) - Iberian

Iberian refers to Iberia, which has two basic meanings:

  • Anything related to, or originating from Kingdom of Iberia i.e. Georgian kingdom of Kartli.
    • Iviron monastery, Georgian-built monastery in Greece on Mount Athos
  • Someone or something originating in the Iberian Peninsula, namely from Portugal and Spain.

  • 1 Kingdom of Iberia
  • 2 Iberian Peninsula
  • 3 Ibero-America
    • 3.1 Other
  • 4 See also

Kingdom of Iberia
  • Caucasian Iberians, Greco-Roman designation for Georgians
  • Iberian War, fought from 526 to 532 CE between the Eastern Roman Empire and Sassanid Empire over the eastern Georgian kingdom of Iberia
Iberian Peninsula
  • Iberian System or Sistema Ibérico
  • South-Western Iberian Bronze, Bronze Age culture of southern Portugal and nearby areas of Spain
  • Iberians, in general the name the ancient Greeks and Romans gave to the people of the ancient Iberian peninsula and more specifically to one of the ancient Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula (this latter meaning should not be confused with the Celtiberians)
    • Iberian language, the language of the ancient Iberians
    • Iberian scripts, the writing scripts of the ancient Iberians
      • Northeastern Iberian script
      • Southeastern Iberian script
      • Greco–Iberian alphabet
    • Basque and Iberian deities
    • Iberian weapons
  • Iberian Union, a personal union between the crowns of Spain and Portugal from 1580–1640
  • Ibero-America, a term since the second half of the 19th century to refer collectively to the countries in the Americas that are of Spanish and Portuguese origin
  • Organization of Ibero-American States, an intergovernmental organization, comprising the Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking nations of the Americas and Europe, plus Equatorial Guinea in Africa.
  • Daily Iberian, newspaper in New Iberia, Louisiana
  • Iberian horse, collective name of horse breeds native to the Iberian Peninsula
  • Iberian lynx, critically endangered lynx native to the Iberian Peninsula
  • Iberian wolf, subspecies of Grey wolf inhabiting northern Portugal and northwestern Spain
  • Iberian gauge, rail gauge used in Spain and Portugal

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