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Moscow, Russia (January 13, 1933 (1933-01-13))
Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin
Moscow, Russia
Military, transport and civilian aircraft
United Aircraft Corporation

Open Joint Stock Company «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» , operating as Ilyushin (Ilyushin) (Russian: Илью́шин) or Ilyushin Design Bureau, is a Russian design bureau and aircraft manufacturer, founded by Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin. Ilyushin was established under the Soviet Union. Its operations began on January 13, 1933, by order of P. I. Baranov, People''s Commissar of the Heavy Industry and the Head of the Main Department of Aviation Industry. In Soviet/Russian nomenclature, aircraft from Ilyushin are prefixed Il. The head office of Ilyushin is located in Aeroport District, Northern Administrative Okrug, Moscow.

Aviation Industries Ilyushin is a subsidiary established in 1992 to act as Ilyushin''s marketing and customer service arm.

Ilyushin has developed aircraft for widely varying roles over the years. The Russian government has merged Ilyushin with Mikoyan, Irkut, Sukhoi, Tupolev, and Yakovlev under a new company named United Aircraft Corporation.

3.7.2014 and 25.7.2014 information from Board of Directors OAO Il about integration between Ilyushin and Myasishchev.

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Notable aircraft

Notable Ilyushin aircraft include:

  • I-21 fighter, 1936.
  • Il-1 fighter prototype, 1944.
Ground attack
  • Il-2 Shturmovik ground-attack aircraft, NATO codename "Bark", 1939, most-produced military aircraft of all time.
  • Il-8, ground-attack prototype, 1943.
  • Il-10 Shturmovik, ground-attack aircraft, NATO codename "Beast", 1944.
  • Il-16 ground attack prototype developed from the Il-10, 1945.
  • Il-20 (1948) ground attack prototype, 1948.
  • Il-40 "Brawny" jet-powered ground-attack prototype, 1953.
  • Il-102 experimental jet-powered ground-attack aircraft, project cancelled, 1982.
  • DB-3 long-range bomber, 1935.
  • Il-4 "Bob" bomber/torpedo bomber developed from the DB-3, 1938.
  • DB-4 long-range bomber, 1940.
  • Il-6 long-range bomber prototype developed from the Il-4, 1942.
  • Il-22 jet-powered bomber prototype, 1947.
  • Il-28 "Beagle" and "Mascot" medium bomber/trainer, 1949.
  • Il-30 tactical swept-wing bomber prototype developed from the Il-28, 1951.
  • Il-46 jet-powered bomber prototype developed from the Il-30, 1952.
  • Il-54 "Blowlamp" supersonic bomber prototype, 1955.
  • Il-12 "Coach" twin-engined cargo/transport aircraft, 1946.
  • Il-32 cargo glider prototype, 1948.
  • Il-34 prototype motorized variant of Il-32.
  • Il-76 "Candid", strategic airlifter, 1973.
    • Il-78 "Midas", an aerial refuelling variant of the Il-76, 1982.
    • Il-82 airborne command post developed from the Il-76.
  • Il-106 proposed heavy military transport.
  • Il-112 light military transport prototype.
  • UAC/HAL Il-214 experimental medium-lift military transport aircraft.
  • Il-476 internal designation for the Il-76MD-90A.
Passenger aircraft
  • Il-14 "Crate" twin-engined airliner developed from the Il-12, 1950.
  • Il-18 "Clam" (1946) four-engined airliner prototype, 1946.
  • Il-18 "Coot" turboprop airliner, 1958.
  • Il-62 "Classic" long range jet airliner, 1962.
  • Il-86 "Camber" medium-range wide-body jet airliner, 1977.
    • Il-80 "Maxdome" airborne command post developed from the Il-86, 1985.
    • Il-87 "Aimak" airborne control variant of the Il-86.
  • Il-96 long-haul widebody airliner developed from the Il-86, 1988.
    • Il-98 aerial refuelling variant of the Il-96.
  • Il-100 light multi-purpose aircraft.
  • Il-108 business jet prototype, project abandoned, 1990.
  • Il-114 regional aircraft, 1999.
  • Il-20M "Coot-A" ELINT/radar reconnaissance version of the Il-18
  • Il-22 "Coot-B" airborne command post version of the Il-18.
  • Il-24 "Coot-C" ice reconnaissance version similar to Il-20M, 1948.
  • Il-38 "May" maritime patrol/anti-submarine warfare aircraft developed from the Il-18, 1971.
  • Il-140 AWACS version of Il-114.
  • A-50 Shmel (from Beriev), an AWACS variant of the Il-76, NATO codename "Mainstay", 1978.
  • A-100 Premier (from Beriev), an AWACS variant of the Il-76MD-90A.
  • Il-103 light trainer, 1994.
  • Il-26 long-range bomber project, 1947.
  • Il-36 Prototype
  • Il-42 ground attack project
  • Il-52 flying wing bomber project.
  • Il-56 bomber project.
  • Il-64 airliner project.
  • Il-66 (1959) supersonic transport (SST) project, 1959.
  • Il-66 military transport project.
  • Il-70 short-haul airliner project, 1961.
  • Il-72 supersonic airliner project developed from the Il-66, 1961.
  • Il-72 (1964) medium-haul airliner project, 1964.
  • Il-74 airliner project, 1966.
  • Il-84 search and rescue variant of the Il-76, project cancelled, 1989.
  • Il-90 proposed long-haul airliner, 1988.
  • Il-118 proposed twin turboprop engine version of Il-18.
  • Il-196 long range airliner project.
  • A-60 experimental airborne laser laboratory developed from the Il-76MD, 1981.
  • Irkut MS-21 experimental short- to and mid-range jet airliner.
Il-2 Shturmovik Il-18 ''Coot'' on display Il-38 ''May''
Ilyushin Il-76 Il-78 ''Midas'' Il-96

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