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مزرعه بادی ایران–ارمنستان

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Iran–Armenia Wind Farm Definition

(Wikipedia) - Lori 1 Wind Farm   (Redirected from Iran–Armenia Wind Farm) Lori 1 Wind Farm Location Coordinates Status Commission date Construction cost Owner(s) Wind farm Type Power generation Units operational Nameplate capacity
The Lori 1 Wind Power plant at Pushkin Pass
Location of Lori 1 Wind Farm
Lori Province
40°54′41.36″N 44°25′52.86″E / 40.9114889°N 44.4313500°E / 40.9114889; 44.4313500Coordinates: 40°54′41.36″N 44°25′52.86″E / 40.9114889°N 44.4313500°E / 40.9114889; 44.4313500
US$3.2 million
High-Voltage Electric Networks of Armenia
4 x 660 kW
2.6 (installed) 90 MW (max. planned)

Lori 1 Wind Farm is a wind farm located along the Bazum Mountains at Pushkin Pass in Lori, Armenia. It is the country''s only wind farm. The wind farm consists of four 660-kW wind turbines and has a capacity of 2.64 MWe. Completed in December 2005 by the Iranian company Sunir with US$3.2 million funding from Iran, it is owned by the High-Voltage Electric Networks of Armenia. In 2006, the Lori 1 generated only 2.6 GWh of electricity (a yearly average of 296.8 KWe—about 11% of installed capacity).

The Armenian and Iranian authorities have agreed to expand the wind farm up to 90 MW.

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